natural body treatments

Back to relax - 30 mins - £17.50
Beneficial if you spend a lot of time driving, sitting at a computer all day or carrying children around, as all of these contribute to a rigid, sore, tense back and neck. The back, neck and shoulders are where we store a great deal of tension and regular back massage is a fantastic way to melt away any aches and pains.

The Back Treat - £20.00
This treatment is great for problems with blocked pores and blemishes on your back. The back treat is an exfoliation and mask helping to lift dirt and unblock pores for a smooth, blemish free back. You can have this treatment with or without a massage. If you suffer badly with blemishes on your back too much stimulation through massage is best avoided.

Aroma Body Polish - £20.00
A wonderful pre-holiday treat for your skin. Your skin will be exfoliated with a natural body polish which will make it feel delightfully smooth. A natural body conditoner of your choice will then be applied.

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