essential waxing treatments

Waxing - Leaves you hair free for 4-8 weeks on average
½ Leg Wax - £10.00
¾ Leg Wax- £14.00
Full Leg wax- £17.50

Bikini waxing
The classic bikini triangle - not much off - £7.00
High leg - £9.00
Thong wax - £11.00
Under arm -£7.00
Fore arm - £10.00
Lip - £5.00
Chin - £5.00

For the Eyes
Eyebrow tidying - from £5.00
Can give the illusion of an eye lifting effect. Using automatic tweezers which are less painful than conventional ones.

Eyelash Tinting (£10.00) and Eyebrow Tinting (£5.00)
Giving definition to the eyes making it easier to go make-up free.

Eyelash Perming
Perming gives the lashes a curl that highlights the full length. Teamed with tinting, this is also great for for holidays or just making your lashes look longer.
Eyelash perm and tint - £27.50

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