skincare products and make up

At Interblend we like to
1. Develop effective products using only natural ingredients
2. Supply hand made products to take away with you
3. Especially prepare products tailor made for your skin
4. Produce high quality products that don’t cost the Earth

The correct cleansing routine is essential in an effective skin care regime. Skin is much more receptive to further treatments when it is looked after correctly.

Spa Clay Cleanser

Spa Clay Cleanser
Clay is rich in minerals and active enzymes. It stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph, removes dead skin cells, absorbs dirt and it tones and strengthens connective tissue. This product is perfect for use in cleansers and masks as it is incredibly gentle because it contains no detergents or soap which can strip the skin of its nutrients.

Aromatic Cleansing Balm
A luxurious balm which is fantastic for normal or dry skin and it removes dirt gently and effectively. Contains beeswax, vegetable oils and essential oils.

Cleansing Mitts
Flannel mitts are an excellent way to help you remove your cleanser. Dampen them with hot water and wipe over the face to open the pores and loosen dirt further, making it easier to remove.

Aromatic facial waters

Aromatic Facial Waters
These aroma waters are the bi-products of an essential oil extraction process and are fantastic to use after cleansing to ensure all final traces of dirt and cleanser are removed. Wonderfully refreshing, these are available in pump bottles and travel size spritzers.


Natural active moisturiser

Natural Active Moisturiser
PSEUDOCOLLAGEN - Derived from brewers yeast. Moisture binding and hydrating. Imparts elasticity.
COSMETIC PREBIOTIC - Helps to create a barrier against damage caused by pollution, changes in temperature and excessive sun or cold weather.
CARROT SEED EXTRACT - Rich in beta carotene and also containing vitamins C, B1, B2,D and E. Adds tone, elasticity, creating a firmer and fresher appearance by stimulating cell growth.

Aroma nourish oil

Aroma-Nourish Facial Oil
Excellent to use at night or to boost your moisturiser during the day. Smells beautiful. Contains borage, vitamin E and neroli.

Firming silk eye cream

Firming Silk Eye Cream
Gentle, nourishing and firming for the delicate eye area. Contains regenerating argan oil, moisturising silk gel and firming Siberian ginseng.

Effective for removing dead skin cells making skin feel silky soft and also aids the absorption of subsequent products making them more effective.

Algae exfoliation

Algae Microdermabrasion
Pulverised seaweed for total effective exfoliation.

Slightly gentler than the algae but still extremely effective.


Manicure in a Jar
This is the product for you when you don't have time for a manicure but want your hands and nails to look healthy and smooth. Massage into dry hands, rinse off with hot water and pat dry with a towel to reveal gorgeous looking hands. Can be used on feet too.

Intensive Hand Balm
This balm is really amazing for dry, chapped hands. Takes about 10 mins to soak in so is best used last thing at night. Can be used on feet too.

Lip balm

Perfect consistency for moisturising lips, neither too thick or thin. Contains beeswax for protection, almond oil for moisturising and essential oils to flavour. Available in orange and grapefruit, spearmint and lemon and lime flavours.

Lavender calm balm

Lavender Calm Balm
For sore noses, dry skin patches, or for use on the temples to soothe headaches. With pure lavender it has a calming effect on your skin and your mood.

Lilylolo Natural Mineral Make-up
Recently shown on Sarah Beenys’ programme ‘how toxic are you?’, Lilylolo make-up are crushed mineral powders which are easy to apply, giving you a natural look, but at the same time covering and disguising unevenness in skin tone, blemishes and fine lines. Lilylolo makes your skin radiate.

Available in the range
Finishing powders
Cover up

Make-up Brushes
Interblend have invested time into researching the best make-up brushes that would be suitable for mineral make up. We have sourced these brilliant, attractive brushes made from goat and pony hair. None of the animals were hurt in order to obtain the hair and the wooden handles are produced from wood supplied from reforestation projects.

Angel Fingers
An extremely useful aid to relaxation in the home. Most of us do not make enough time to relax at home and Angel Fingers is a wonderful solution for this as it stimulates your nerve endings giving you a fantastic tingling feeling.

Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers are available for those special people you would like to treat. Please contact us for further information.

Gift Packs
Interblend produce a variety of gift packs available in attractive gift bags. Please telephone or email for further details.

Nubar Nail Polishes
Interblend have recently stocked a new range of professional nail polishes from a company called ‚'Nubar'.This brand is much kinder to your nails because they do not contain formaldehyde, Toluene or phthalates which can dry out your nails. They are produced in a fabulous range of colours including a glitter range, in every different colour of glitter you could imagine.


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